What Is Self Esteem?


Have you wondered about what is self-esteem is and how to get more of it? Do you know if you suffer from low self-esteem? What are some low self-esteem causes?

What is self-esteem? Accordingly to Webster Dictionary, “is a feeling of satisfaction that someone has in himself or herself and his or her own abilities.”All of these questions, we have all thought at one point of our lives.  Everyone lacks confidence sometimes but people with low self-esteem are unhappy most of the time.

Self-esteem is how we value ourselves. Understanding your overall sense of self-worth.  Everyone needs to have or develop good self-esteem since it affects our trust in others, our work life, our relationships, and just about every part of our lives.
There are many factors that play in why people suffer from low self-esteem.  I am going to mention low self-esteem causes to help you understand the different variables that can be affecting someone’s self-worth. Low Self-Esteem Causes

Here are some common low self-esteem causes:

  • Childhood: Low self-esteem often begins in childhood.  Children who do not get praise for the things they do suffer from low self-esteem. No matter how old children are, is crucial to praise and give encouragement. Praising a child will raise their confidence and how they feel about their abilities, qualities, and values.
  • Child Abuse Or Punishments:  Child abuse has many potential impacts on their self-worth.  Child abuse can be physical, sexual, or emotional mistreatment of a child.  Experiencing any form of childhood trauma will have a major impact on their self-esteem and normally carries over to their adulthood.
  • Excessive Criticism: Anyone who repeatedly hears what is wrong with them causes low self-esteem.  Contributory factors may include rejection, parents having unrealistic expectations, and emotional neglect.
  • Comparison With Others: Comparing your kids with other children is a recipe for disaster. Many parents have unrealistic expectations for their children causing their child to build resentful feelings.   Another low self-esteem cause is parents comparing their children to each other.
  • Peer Pressure: Peers can influence the type of person that you become and how you feel about yourself.  Children who are bully or face peer pressure will experience lower levels of self-esteem.  Peer pressure can affect people of all ages but it usually targets those with low self-esteem.
  • Financial Problems:  Financial and economic stress will affect your self-esteem because you might feel inadequate and powerless for providing for your family.  Did you know one of the main obstacles to financial success is low self-confidence? Self-esteem affects every area of a person’s life. With low self-esteem comes discouragement and financial trouble.

Self-Esteem Boosters

These are some of the most common low self-esteem causes. Self-esteem reflects a persons overall subjective emotional evaluation of his or her own worth.

Having high self-esteem is an important task since it can affect your lifestyle, relationships, health, and workplace.

Let’s review simple things you can do to gain some self-esteem booster.

  • Avoid Negative Situations: Identify situations that trigger feelings of low self-esteem and stay away.  Overcoming negative situations will help you feel better about yourself.
  • Get A Journal: Studies have proven that writing down your thoughts has been found to help improve feelings of wellbeing and self-esteem. Journaling is also great for kids to develop their self-esteem. When your writing on a journal it encourages reflection, offers confidence, promotes creativity, and provides stability.
  • Exercise: Exercising helps us build our self-esteem by improving the condition of our bodies. By exercising it will increase your self-confidence, you will keep your body fit, and it helps release any negative toxins from the body.
  • Find A Hobby:  Having a hobby will bring you an overall better life no matter what you do. Here are the top reasons why finding a hobby help with self-esteem
  1. Encourage taking a break
  2. Offer a new challenge
  3. Unite you with others
  4. Provide an outlet for stress
  5. Promote staying present
  6. Physical health benefits
  • Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle: Healthy lifestyle habits are a very important part of your self-esteem. We all know that we should do whatever we can to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  1. It makes you feel better
  2. It makes you look better
  3. It makes you stronger
  4. It give you a sense of accomplishment
  5. It reduces stress
  • Seek Professional Help: If you or someone you love struggles with low self-worth, I urge to seek professional help for underlying self-esteem problems.  Therapy or counseling can often help those suffering from low self-esteem.  Individual therapy will help develop new perspective and life skills so that you can free yourself from habitual patters of anxiety, depression, and self-criticism.

Understand what is self-esteem is essential for living a happy life. An important part of someone’s development is achieving their own personal growth. Follow the tips above to learn more on what is self-esteem, low self-esteem causes, and self-esteem booster.

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