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When you have your health you have everything may be the truest saying ever. Being healthy means that you can put forward your best efforts.

When you are not feeling well it is difficult to do anything. It is impossible to change your life and it is impossible to improve your life.

There of course is a bit of a catch when it comes to overall good health, self-esteem and wellness in general. You cannot have one without the other. They are all linked together.

In other words with out self-esteem you cannot have good health. When your health is suffering it affects your self-esteem. It is a vicious cycle. Many eating disorders are related to low self esteem.

Studies have indicated that people with high self-esteem:

  • Experience less colds/flus and stomach viruses
  • Get through colds/flus and stomach viruses faster
  • Report overall feeling better
  • Have less “stress” related diseases

For all intents and purposes self-esteem can easily make your healthier or make you ill.

Eating disorders can easily disrupt your health most eating disorders are in part caused by self-esteem issues. Of course it is not quite as simple as increasing your self-esteem to end eating disorders but it is a link in the puzzle to healing.A Word About Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can not only disrupt your health but they can be fatal. People that suffer from eating disorders should seek professional help.

Not Just Eating Disorders

There are other health issues that can be caused by low self-esteem directly or indirectly. For examples someone that suffers with low self-esteem can be prone to risk behaviors like smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and partaking in illicit drug use.

Other self-esteem issues can include risk sexual behaviors. People that use tobacco products, drink excessive amounts of alcohol and take illicit drugs make other risky decisions with their health.

What Can You Do

Clearly the key to better health is to raise your self-esteem.  We can help you to get your good health back and move forward in a positive direction.

Recognizing that your health is controllable and that you can make lifestyle changes  that will improve your self-esteem and increase your good health.

We will provide you with the information that you need to make changes. The connection between self-esteem and your health is clear it has been proven time and time again that people with high self-esteem enjoy better health. Isn’t it time you started feeling better.

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