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Everyone has something unique to offer. If you or anyone you know is struggling to figure out what they should do with their life you have come to the right place. This post will help you find your unique gift.

Identifying you gift is essential in living a happy fulfilled life.  Let’s discover your intrinsic gifts and how to make the most of them.
You’re not excited about waking up? How do you know when it’s time to find your unique gift? Consider these questions to help you identify if you need a change.

  • You have time to spend all day in Facebook?
  • You have time to watch an entire TV series on a matter of days.
  • You’re bored out of your mind everyday.
  • You have time to do everything anyone asks you to do.
  • You sleep more than the recommended 8 hours a day.

If you can relate to any of these questions then it’s time for a change.  “The only thing worse then being blind is having sight but no vision.” ~ Helen Keller.  Learn more on mind secrets exposed, the art of science of getting what you want.

How To Identify Your Gift

Your gift should be the thing you do the absolute best with the least amount of effort. Finding your gift can be challenging at first but worth identifying it. How do find your unique gift?

I will be discussing different ways to help discover your unique gift.  Go ahead and grab a piece of paper so we can brainstorm together.

  • Revisit Your Childhood: Revisiting your childhood and find those activities and events that brought you the most joy. Go as far as you can remember even pre-school years.  What did you do fun? What are some experiences you will cherish forever as the best memories? What are some experiences that shaped your life? How did you fill your days? I had to revisit my childhood to identify my gift and it was quite challenging.  By identifying all the good and bad memories; I remember always motivating myself to be the best version of me.  Therefore my unique gift is motivating others.
  • Lose Track of Time: Another great way to find your unique gift is by taking a clear look at activities that make you lose track of time.  Do you have leisure activities that make you forget all about sleeping, eating, or about time? These moments of lost time are great examples of potential areas were your gift might lie.
  • Ask Others:  Ask others to help you identity your strengths.  People in your life are likely to notice stuff about your personality you might not notice.  Think about compliments others might give you.  Make sure to ask those family and friends that know you pretty well.  What makes me unique?  What are some things, I do exceptionally well?  What is my sturdiest skill?
  • Complete An Assessment: Need additional help identifying your gift? Take an assessment to discover your strengths.  I highly recommend taking the “Strengths Based Leadership Assessment,” by Tom Rath. After you complete the assessment, you will receive a personalized strengths based leadership guide.
  • Take Time For Yourself: Find as little as 15-30 minutes a day of uninterrupted time. The time should be use to reflect on your life, get to know yourself, and help identify your life purpose.  With today’s busy pace, we forget to take time to recharge our batteries.  By not making time for yourself can cause you to feel resentful and stressed.
  • Create Space:  Solitude helps improve concentration and increase productivity. Do you find it difficult to concentrate? Are there to many distractions at your home? If you’re not able to focus at home, you might need to create space.  I personally enjoy time at the library. There are many ways you can create personal space stay at a hotel, head to a quiet place, or simply send your family to the movies for me time.
  • Journal: One of the most powerful ways to get to know yourself through journaling.  It will also help you express yourself and have a place were you could come back for some needed reflection.  It’s simple act of writing down your thoughts and feelings to understand them more clearly.  I personally journal myself everyday.
  • Bucket List: Make a list of all the things you have ever wanted to accomplish whether is big, small, or random.  The list will give you more clues on interest, values, and passions.  Try to pick from the list and put them into practice to find your gift.
  • Follow Your Dreams: We hear it all the time “follow your dreams,” but is anyone really doing it? If you have a dream in your heart worth pursuing make sure you listen to your heart. God give us the dreams we desire in our hearts. Ignite the burning flame that lingers in your heart. The biggest mistake you can make is sit back and watch life pass you by.
  • Just Do It: As the trademark of Nike, “just do it.” Stop making excuses, let go of the fear, and go after your dream.  What are the excuses your using that are holding you back from your destination?

Proverbs 18:16 says, “Your gift will make room for you and put you in the presence of great men.” By identifying your gift and using it, your life will be lived with purpose and mission.

Questions To Ask To Help You Find Your Unique Gift

Take time to answer the following questions to help you find your unique gift.

  • What is the thing that you do at your absolute best with the least amount of effort?
  • What is that one gift that other people associate with you?
  • If you followed the advice of these other people. How have you utilized your gift?

It doesn’t matter how ordinary we all may feel, we all have a unique gift.  Many people doubt they have a gift and fail to ever find it because they don’t put the work it takes to identify their purpose in life.

How important is your happiness? Do you see yourself succeeding? If so, take time to plan for yourself and the possibilities are endless.

If you anyone you know is struggling to figure out what they want to do with their life please share this post! I hope this article helps you find your unique gift.

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